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Director and filmmaker, Cazhhmere, is having uncomfortable conversations to educate others about Canadian Black History.

This Black History Month we're featuring Black Canadians making waves in their industries. For more, visit

@CBCDocs @CazhBlanche

ICYMI: More medals, tough losses, and injury updates. | @CBCOlympics

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😱🐍 @MargotRobbie painting a really great picture of Australia.

😁 Do you wet your toothbrush, or put toothpaste on first?

The debate about toothbrushes that's tearing the internet apart.

A shocking 93% of home workers are being sexually harassed... by themselves. #TheMashReport @EllieJaneTaylor

🙌🏂 Still shredding at 78.

Excited about the return of #Strike? @jk_rowling gives us the lowdown on #CareerOfEvil.

❤️🐧 'A man needs his 'guins'.

@Stranger_Things actor @DavidKHarbour has kept his promise by dancing with penguins in Antarctica on Valentine's Day.

😢 The #AllTogetherNow performance that had everyone in TEARS.

If your New Year’s resolutions have already fizzled out, maybe you’ve been too hard on yourself.

Here's how cheating can actually help us realise our goals.

😷😬🍫'I’ve always wanted my wisdom teeth out because you get two weeks in bed!'

@Camila_Cabello talked toothache on @BBCRadio2 this week! 👉

🙌 Watch the incredible moment a child falling from the third floor of a building is caught by a policeman in Egypt.

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Mark your calendars! #CBSEyeSpeak kicks off March 14 with The EYE Speak Summit. Follow our page for more details!

Proud to announce a new CBS initiative, promoting female empowerment and developing the next generation of leaders through insight and opportunities. Follow our page to join the conversation. 📣 #CBSEyeSpeak

When you're living by the Bible, it's good to have a priest and a rabbi on call (provided they answer their phones, that is). #LivingBiblically premieres Monday at 9:30/8:30c.

Chicago lawyers are being hunted and the world is going insane.

The new season of #TheGoodFight premieres Sunday, March 4, exclusively on CBS All Access.

Ready for some larger than life competition? This new series from @MarkBurnettTV will premiere in summer 2018.

With tournament dreams on the line, make sure to stream these college basketball matchups on CBS All Access:

While Chip's sticking to the Bible's original rules, the cast of #LivingBiblically has given them a more modern makeover. Go on, fess up. How many of these 10 Modern Day Commandments are you guilty of breaking?

Casting News! Peter Mark Kendall, Michael Gaston, Greg Wise, Rade Šerbedžija, Zack Pearlman, and Keye Chen join the cast of the CBS All Access original drama series #StrangeAngel.

The verdict is in...#Bull is the perfect Valentine! ❤️ Happy #ValentinesDay!

Car 27 reporting: Season 2 of #NoActivity coming soon!

Binge season one now on CBS All Access:

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The rise in abuse of prescription painkillers has incapacitated thousands of working-age people whom employers would otherwise be eager to hire

More than 800,000 students live in school districts where shootings have happened

At meeting on school safety, President Trump says violence in video games and movies is responsible for shaping young people’s thoughts: “We have to do something about maybe what they’re seeing”

In just 3 days, Parkland students have raised $3.7 million. Here's how they'll spend it:

6 things Marco Rubio said at the CNN #StudentsStandUp town hall that made news in the US gun debate

Months before Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people at a Florida high school, the family who took him in after his mother's death warned police the teen had "used a gun against people before."

President Trump on reforms to curb gun violence: "There's a tremendous feeling that we want to get something done ... There's a great feeling, including at the NRA, including with Republican senators"

Would arming teachers be a 'deterrent' or 'a recipe for disaster'?

President Trump is meeting with local and state officials at the White House to discuss ways to improve school safety


"We've got your backs": Former President Obama voices support for the "fearless students" of Parkland, Florida

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