Austin Powers actor Verne Troyer dies aged 49

Here's a special message to The Queen to wish Her Majesty a Happy Birthday. With @CraigDavid, @ShawnMendes, @TheRealLukevans and @OfficialDonel. #QueensBirthdayParty

Shaggy helps the Queen celebrate 92nd birthday! 👑

Fans gather in Stockholm to remember superstar DJ #Avicci.

Tonight, @ShawnMendes, @kylieminogue, @RealSirTomJones and more will perform at a celebration concert for Her Majesty the Queen's 92nd birthday. 🎶🎉

The Queen's Birthday Party | 8pm | @BBCOne |

🎨 Meet the 91-year-old rebel artist who was told he was unteachable.

❤️🦍 A mother's love.

😂 He's just playing, isn't he?

But isn't every day #NationalTeaDay? 😜🇬🇧

🚘🚆 A man bought a car, taxed and insured it and drove from London to Bristol - all for less than a return train fare.

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