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Q: Where can I find self-help content for the new features for Mail, Calendar, and People?
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  • Self-help content is available here
  • You can also search for help content within the web application.
    • Click Helpin the top, right menu bar.A side pane will open with links to common questions.
    • Enter keywords in the search box to view a list of self-help articles.
    • Click again to close the side pane.
    Q: How do I find the Options menus?
    A: Click Settingin the top, right menu bar. You’ll see several links to change options in to customize your view.
    Q: How do I turn off the Preview Text in the list of email messages?
    A: Click Settings in the top, right menu bar and select Display Settings.
  • Under Display Settings, click Message list, click Hide preview text, and click OK to save.
  • Q: What is the best way to attach a photo to a message or calendar event?
    A: When creating a new email message or calendar event, click on the Picture icon above the message text area. Select a photo from your computer (or cloud storage option) to insert in the message.
    Q: How do I sign out?
    A: Click your profile picture in the top, right corner of the menu bar, and click Sign out.
    Q: Is merging with Office 365?
    A: We are bringing together several email and calendar components of and Office 365, to improve engineering efficiencies and provide better consistency of user experiences. While we are converging many of the features of the two offerings, and Office 365 will remain distinct services.
    Q: Can Microsoft reset the password of my Microsoft Account?
    A: Please note that for security reasons we can only assist you with forgotten passwords or other sign-in issues with your Microsoft Account is online.

    To reset your Microsoft Account, Online, kindly visit the following site and complete the required steps;microsoft account

    Q: Why couldn't sign in to my Email Account?
    A: If you are unable to sign in, kindly try the following steps:
    1. Clear your Internet Explorer cache and browser cookies. Visit the following link for steps;
    2. If you’re still unable to sign-in after clearing the cache and cookies, please try resetting your password;
    3. If you have cleared cache, cookies and tried to reset your password and find that you are still unable to access your Emails Account, Microsoft recommends you complete and submit the following Account Validation form Online;
      • Kindly provide as much information as possible.
      • For questions with multiple-choices please pick more answers where applicable instead of a single answer.
      • Provide precise information because the more accurate the information is, the more likely users will pass account validation
      • Please be reminded that these Online requirements are here to protect your privacy and account from being compromised.
    4. If none of the self-help steps solves your problem, please seek Online support from the following communities:
    Q: What should I do If I do not pass the Online Account Validation Process?
    A: If you are not able to pass account validation requirements, you are encouraged to re-submit the Online validation form with more accurate information to assist with the validation process. Alternatively, we recommended that you create a new Microsoft Account.
    • Microsoft treats your privacy and account security seriously and it is necessary for you satisfy the questions in the validation form accurately as Microsoft uses this to assess rightful ownership of a Microsoft Account.
    • Microsoft is unable to provide access to the Microsoft Account if insufficient proof of ownership can be established.
    Q: How does the “Call us Overprotective” initiative help me?
    A: This initiative helps to protect your personal data. We're asking everyone with a Microsoft Account to ensure security information associated with their account is accurate and up-to-date.

    When your security info (like an alternate email address or phone number) is current, it simplifies verification of your identity if there's ever a problem. Verifying your security info is not optional, we need to do this to keep your Microsoft Account secure.

    For more information about Microsoft Account Security visit the following site;

    Q: Can I switch back from to Hotmail?
    A: There is no longer an option to switch back to Hotmail. Your Hotmail address and password, saved emails, contacts, calendars, and rules were automatically moved to your new inbox.

    We think builds on the great tools in Hotmail, and we hope you’ll agree. You get all the features you loved in Hotmail, like Sweep and one-click Unsubscribe, along with new features like archiving and a refreshed design. helps you see and do more from your inbox quickly. The streamlined interface shows more messages at a glance, and the new toolbar helps you complete everyday email tasks with fewer clicks.


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